The International Conference on “Mainstreaming Block Chain in India: Challenges and Issues for effective Governance” invites research papers and case studies on the following, but not limited to, themes and sub-themes:

1) Block Chain Technology
Evolution of Block Chain
Architecture of the Block Chain
Block Chain for Cyber Security
Block Chain and the Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Applications of Block Chain
Block Chain for Machine Learning (ML)
Block Chain for Manufacturing

2) Understanding the Block Chain Economy
Applications of Block Chain in Finance
Block Chain and Economic Efficiency
Block Chains and Global Investments
Use of Block Chains in Start-ups
Block Chains and the Business Ecosystem
Block Chain and International Business

3) Block Chain for Society
Legal Applications of Block Chain
Use of Block Chains in Healthcare
Block Chains for Rural Development
Block Chains in Education and Learning
Social Media and Block Chain
Block Chains for Governance
Success Stories


  • Adopting Children
  • Helping Old People
  • Free medical Camps
  • Save the Environment programs
  • Rural Development