Call for Papers

The International Conference on “Mainstreaming Block Chain in India: Challenges and Issues for effective Governance” invites research papers and case studies on the following, but not limited to, themes and sub-themes:

A) Research Papers

Research papers submitted to ICOMBI 2020 need to be either conceptual or empirical, satisfying the conditions mentioned below:

Empirical Research Papers: These papers must focus on the problem development and hypotheses formulation and testing in the context of the blockchain. Authors must include a suitable review of the literature and outline the methodology used and present the analysis of data towards findings of the paper, which must be elaborated upon in the theoretical and practical contexts.

Conceptual Research Papers: These papers must focus on the existing academic and contemporary literature on different aspects of block chains. Authors need to build upon the existing literature and propose newer dimensions of research in the areas (themes and/or sub-themes) that could be extended or empirically tested later.

B) Case Studies

Case studies submitted to ICOMBI 2020 need to be between 4000-7000 words in length. It is expected that a case study would discuss the challenges faced in the implementation of tasks in a particular industrial sector/domain and how blockchain could be used to streamline operations. Case studies may be accompanied by a Teaching Note of between 1500-2000 words that could be used to teach the case in a classroom. It is also recommended that authors touch upon relevant literature in the domain of the case study and point out the contributions of application(s) of block chains in the theoretical and practical contexts.

For both research papers and case studies, authors are expected to use American (U.S.) English and to format the references in line with the guidelines of the American Psychological Association (6th Edition). Papers not found to be meeting these criteria may be summarily rejected.

Selected Papers will be published in the Scopus indexed, IEEE Xplore Digital Library Journals. Selected papers is mandated for Registration.

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