It is a branch of Science and Engineering basically envisaged, running Industrial systems and processes to perfection and success. In the world of virtual and augmented reality, it is evident that somewhere somehow there is an absolute need for more and more integration. It aims at implementing Integration Principles at the grass root level. This can be categorized as a minor phenomenon but if neglected causes permanent damage to management systems and enterprises. Hence Enterprise engineers work closely with top management and stakeholders to ensure the objectives of the enterprise through Continuous improvement and utilization of resources. Enterprise Engineering is very closely associated with Industrial Engineering and Systems Engineering, It is a subdiscipline of Industrial Engineering.


Enterprise Engineering will utilize the Body of knowledge to run industries better. The management practices will focus on planning, designing, executing and linking key processes in any organization.

Important Domains under Enterprise Engineering ( Not limited to list )

Enterprise engineering Systems engineering Information technology Artificial intelligence
Industrial engineering Engineering management Engineering economics Machine and deep learning
Manufacturing engineering Supply chain/Blockchain Maintenance engineering Numerical methods
Human factors engineering Production engineering Quality engineering Operations research
Success Stories


  • Adopting Children
  • Helping Old People
  • Free medical Camps
  • Save the Environment programs
  • Rural Development